23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today 2022

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23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Whether you’re running a startup or a large corporation, trying to do too many tasks at once can be stressful. This is why you should always use expert business management software to help you effectively navigate your daily activities.

There are specialist business management tools to meet specific business demands. However, if these tools fail you at any moment, it can be a game changer. As a result, it is critical to understand what you intend to perform with the tool.

To assist you traverse the unending sea of business management software, we’ve created and classified a list of the finest ones based on the role they serve.

1. Thryv

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Thryv is a small-business-focused, all-in-one business management solution. It assists these small businesses in their daily operations, expanding their online presence, easing online payment processing, and improving client connections. In addition, it is a marketing and CRM software solution hosted in the cloud.

The platform offers dependable and effective customer service that understands the demands and goals of small business owners. 

2. nTask

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Without a reliable project management solution, successful business management is impossible. That is why we begin the list with nTask. This project management software includes many functions to assist you in completing your company projects.

nTask includes robust native modules that provide a multi-dimensional answer to all of your project’s requirements. A unified project planning, collaboration, and monitoring platform without switching applications. You may receive a comprehensive perspective of your project’s lifespan with nTask.

3. Slack

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Slack is a platform for team collaboration. Whatever stage your company is at, the possibility of information falling through the cracks exists. Choose Slack as a professional team collaboration software to avoid the nightmare of miscommunication.

Slack has you covered whether you’re hiring a new worker, sharing vital files, planning your next meeting, or simply exchanging normal messages! Slack’s distinct channels for multiple teams not only make team communication easier but also better.

4. FreshBooks

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

FreshBooks, a popular software for invoicing and accounting, is one of the top small business management software for financial management. FreshBooks, which includes a full suite of accounting features, provides a quick and dependable solution for creating quick invoices, tracking expenses, and lots more.

You can quickly monitor your team’s time on tasks with native time tracking and bill your clients accordingly. Not only that, but the software also aids project management by providing an extensive feature set for properly managing project-related operations. Some notable features include centralized file storage, team chat, and project assignment.

5. Accelo

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Accelo is a cloud-based program that combines strong and simple tools for professional services that a firm can use to run a business and carry out various projects. As a result, staff work will be simplified, and the brand’s interaction with its customers will improve.

Accelo currently handles project management, CRM, and customer support, making it a viable choice for various enterprises that require professional services for their clients and employees.

6. Chanty

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Chanty aims to improve team cooperation and efficiency across all business sectors. Chanty enables you to communicate with your team in private, public, group, and one-on-one settings. The Team book organizes all of your communications, tasks, files, and links.

Chanty supports audio calling, video conferencing, and screen sharing. In addition, it includes a built-in task manager with the Kanban board that allows you to convert messages into tasks, assign the work to a teammate, and set a due date and priority.

In real-time, voice messaging allows you to communicate with your team in audio format. Trello, Asana, Zapier, Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Mailchimp, Giphy, and other apps are all supported by Chanty.

7. Bitrix24

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Bitrix24 may be the answer if you’re seeking CRM software that also serves as a task management tool. Bitrix24 is a CRM, task management, document management, and team collaboration tool.

In its free version, the tool offers essential client management and marketing automation capabilities to small and medium-sized enterprises. However, for a few dollars more, you’ll have access to some excellent customer relationship management features and email marketing connectors.

Furthermore, Bitrix24 provides diverse CRM solutions for various teams, allowing them to track their sales pipeline, automate marketing, and provide customer support via many communication channels.

8. Dropbox

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Great enterprises necessitate great storage requirements. We made this quote up, but it fits! Safe file storage and sharing are among the most sensitive issues for every business. Good luck keeping and recovering your files if you’re not correctly employing any tool.

Here is where Dropbox comes in. It is one of the market’s most widely used cloud storage tools. This business management software is simple to set up and allows teams to save all of their data in one centralized spot for quick and easy access.

The software includes several built-in features for streamlining other business procedures as well. Dropbox Paper, for example, enables rapid note-taking and to-do list management.

9. Intercom

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Customer service is one of the most crucial aspects of running a successful business, which is why Intercom is the ninth item on my list of the top business management software. Intercom automates how you communicate with your customers by combining artificial intelligence and user insights. This is made possible by the tool’s consumer segmentation and client profiles.

It also allows you to handle and track customer requests from a single platform via live chat and targeted, personalized communications.

10. BambooHR

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

BambooHR is not only a helpful company management software for HR professionals, but it is also a valuable resource for professional headhunters. In addition, this program’s in-house features can be interpreted as a fully complete employee profile management solution.

You can manage your “assets” based on their performance indicators, most recent peer reviews, employee onboarding and off-boarding activities, and vice versa.

It is safe to state that the most important aspects of this program are the ability to manage workers profiles through a centralized, constantly updated cloud database and change individual pictures, certifications, and so on.

11. Pipedrive

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Pipedrive has received many user choice awards in the last two years for being a valuable resource for CRM software end-users. Despite the extensive list of capabilities having a narrow-to-wide reach, Pipedrive’s extraordinary effectiveness as a highly responsive sales management solution for sole proprietors and small organizations alike can be summarized.

12. Inflow

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

As the name implies, Inflow is designed primarily for inventory managers who need a quick response solution that can save and retrieve warehousing-related information on the fly. We believe Inflow is an excellent complement for medium and small-business owners looking for inventory monitoring solutions.

Inflow is a desktop installer application, but it includes a backup mechanism for quick data retrieval if the computer’s hard disk fails or is damaged.

13. Nintex Promapp

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Nintex Promapp is business process management software that enables firms to exchange process knowledge via a centralized repository. The application is meant to ease the creation of simple visual tools from complex process maps, papers, and Visio charts, allowing your team to quickly follow changes in the process.

Promapp, suitable for teams of any size and sector, allows teams to collaborate in real-time via a dashboard and track progress. Using the ‘processes, I’m in’ filter, you can acquire access to only specific processes and then go along the path. You may also bookmark your favorite operations to boost accuracy even further.

14. TeamGantt

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Nothing surpasses a classic Gantt chart software for project resource planning. The following piece of business management software serves a similar function. TeamGantt allows you to schedule projects and plan resources using a simple Gantt chart.

To make resource planning more effective, assign as many resources as you desire to a task and their working hours. Details about resources working on a specific activity may be accessed by applying a filter and identifying the individual resource burden, allowing you to allocate projects based on capability and minimize burnout.

The tool’s simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to make adjustments quickly without any needless delays.

15. Constant Contact

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Constant Contact is an excellent solution for small businesses and startups. It is a low-cost solution with a highly flexible pricing structure based on the number of email contacts. What makes it truly unique is that they go above and beyond to assist its users in becoming more proficient with the system by hosting live webinars, classes, and day-long courses.

The program makes it simple for organizations and people to acquire contacts from disparate databases and consolidate them into a cohesive list. Constant Contact can import contacts from Gmail, Outlook, or a spreadsheet.

16. Hootsuite

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Hootsuite assists you in using the social web to execute marketing campaigns, identify and build your audience, and send tailored communications to them across numerous platforms. Your team may use its social media dashboard to plan updates on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and other major social networks from desktop, web, and mobile platforms. You may also track industry trends and marketing performance to fine-tune your strategy.

The Hootsuite dashboard is divided into sections that manage all of the social profiles that you have linked to the service. As a result, businesses may use Hootsuite to manage several social profiles simultaneously. Security, team collaboration, audience engagement, and social analytics are all included in the premium plans.

17. ProductPlan

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

ProductPlan is one of the most excellent business management tools for creating and managing your product or project roadmap. Project managers prefer this tool for creating a visual roadmap for their projects. This roadmapping application may be used to organize your projects from start to end, from product creation through software testing.

Furthermore, you may work with your team to construct a visual roadmap of your product, apply estimations, and build work to provide your team with a clear view of your strategy. Finally, it offers a simple drag-and-drop interface that can assist you in creating a product timeline and removing obstacles during the development phase.

18. ProProfs Chat

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

ProProfs Chat is a cloud-based customer support software that allows business owners to create engaging experiences for customers while providing quick assistance. Features like visitor monitoring and chat greetings enable your support employees to communicate with visitors in real time and become more proactive.

Its extensive reports section allows you to record valuable data that help your support team members discover issue areas sooner and work to improve future assistance experiences.

19. Score

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

The score is next on our list of the best business management software. It is an all-in-one business management software that reduces app switching and enhances your team’s efficiency.

The score allows you to track the development of your business team and communicate outcomes via automatic reports and dashboards. It enables teams to collaborate efficiently in a digital workspace. Its rich metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) assist managers in making data-driven decisions.

The software includes CRM, resource allocation, financial summary, budgeting, and project management functions to bring the entire firm together.

20. PaperTracer

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Document storage, organization, and management are essential aspects of any business because documents are your major source of information and include many confidential information.

Finding appropriate document management software is crucial for an organization’s efficiency. Your first concern should be ensuring that the program meets all of the security criteria and has the necessary functionality.

PaperTracer is an efficient document management tool. The program is packed with advanced capabilities that may assist you in organizing and managing your papers so that you can obtain the relevant information whenever you need it while keeping your confidential files safe and secure.

21. Microsoft SQL Server

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Every second, massive amount of data is generated. The data size exceeds gigabytes and terabytes and reaches millions of bytes. Managing such a large volume of data is difficult because you need a system that saves the information and maintains it secure, structured, and quick to retrieve.

Regarding data administration, Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful tool. Microsoft has already gained our trust with its innovative and efficient solutions, and the Microsoft SQL server is another example of its brilliance. The tool’s powerful capabilities expedite your work and make storing, managing, and organizing your data simple.

22. Snov.io 

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Snov.io is a one-stop company management tool designed to assist small businesses in automating their marketing and sales operations and generating more quality leads.

Snov.io finds email addresses for your prospects all over the web, including the most famous center for prospective customers—LinkedIn. Furthermore, you can be certain that the emails you receive are real, so there’s no need to be concerned about your delivery rate—you’ll watch it increase daily.

Meanwhile, Snov.io Email Drip Campaigns allow you to build automated email chains that can be scheduled and programmed based on specific triggers. The program will also assess how leads respond to your email campaigns, providing you with a steady stream of insights on how to enhance your performance.

23. Holded

23 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

Holded is a simple, powerful business management tool for freelancers and small to medium-sized organizations. Holden’s clutter-free, mobile-responsive design makes managing remote, on-the-go teams simple. 

In addition to ERP functions, this software provides online accounting, invoicing, and CRM features, allowing you to project budgets and cost estimations and project, team, and inventory features. In a nutshell, everything you might need to run a successful business.

This small business management software also includes several connectors such as Amazon, PayPal, Zapier, Google Drive, and others that aim to make your business life easier.


So we’ve concluded another list. By now, you should know which business management software would be a good fit for you and your team. Start testing these softwares until you find the best one! Also, remember that the business management software you choose should be based on your company’s nature, size, workflow, present software, and business procedures.

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